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This is in response to the ranter who slams North Augusta for having clean streets and garbage pickup. That's what we pay taxes and our water bills for, to keep the streets clean and safe. I'm so sorry Augusta can't do the same thing.


This is a rant to the guy talking trash about North Augusta not having anything to claim. Well, tell him that North Augusta is a lot nicer than Augusta. Tell him to come to North Augusta and see how many prostitutes and crackheads he sees compared to downtown Augusta. We might not have as much to claim, but we have a lot more friendliness and safety.

I don't know why we can't get law enforcement on Interstate 20 from North Augusta to Washington Road. People fly up and down that road at 80 mph, and no cops are in sight. It doesn't make sense to me.

I don't expect to see this in print, but after reading and listening to Jenny Sanford and what she says about her husband, that man should never have been elected to any kind of office. There's something seriously wrong with that man.

This is a rave for the young girl from Lakeside High with the prom dress giveaway. I think that was truly a wonderful idea, and what a blessing for all.

Went downtown to First Friday this past Friday night for the first time in a few years, and it will be the last time. We pulled into a parking space on 10th Street facing Sandwich City, not in the restaurant parking lot, which was roped off with yellow tape. A jerk came out of nowhere and said, "You can't park there." I asked why, and he said that it was private property. Several other lots in the area were also roped off. So we drove around forever looking for another spot. Just wondering why some business owners want us to come downtown but then want to make it difficult for us park.

No, Sonny, I will not have my teacher's paycheck based on whether I can get a crack baby, fetal-alcohol baby, failure-to-thrive baby or a shaken baby to read because I can't fight what the parents have already done to their child. Five Ph.D.'s in that classroom couldn't teach that child to read. Today I had to teach a 10-year-old how to blow his nose.

A BIG rant to myself. I was involved in the scuffle on Martintown Road on Sunday and would like to apologize to the other gentleman involved and all who witnessed.

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