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A story says public education "learning centers" are to be established at three Richmond County schools. Aren't schools supposed to be centers of learning? The school board says it "needs the alternate funding, ways to get materials and resources to our students." When you get down to the nitty-gritty, the only materials needed by a decent teacher are pencil and paper, maybe a couple of books. Should that cost an extra $350,000? Will Americans learn that throwing money at problems is rarely a cure?

To the woman that accosted the man in Walmart because she thought he didn't look handicapped: I can't walk, and I don't look handicapped either. Should we wear a sign? Thank your lucky stars that wasn't me you approached.

How can you justify increasing the salary of Dr. Bedden, school superintendent, and some atheletic director by thousands of dollars? Gov. Perdue put a freeze on all state employees' salaries and made them take six days off this fiscal year without pay.

Augusta Mall is now horribly congested with loitering folks who have no shopping bags in hand nor any intention of buying anything. Anyone remember Regency Mall before it went down?

Bring back Monday Night Rasslin' to The Bell and watch the people and money flow back to downtown. Not all of us can afford $75 concert tickets, nor are we particularly fond of Broadway musicals.

Give politicians a furlough day? Are you serious? They already have more time off than the average five Americans. Best to turn them out of office. Then they can have all the time off they want, or better yet , get a real job.

The ranter complaining about trips by our president apparently has no sense of true diplomacy or international responsibility, just like George Bush. Obama has had to repair a lot of the gaffes and miscommunications from the eight years before, and he's doing a fine job of it. At least we are laughed at a lot less than in the past administration.

Here's hoping that Richmond County follows many other school districts in Georgia and cuts the graduation coaches' positions. The non-classroom positions need to be the first cuts. Next in line should be the literacy and math coaches. These teachers do not interact with students. These positions were created when money was plentiful and school districts could spend it unwisely. Now it is time to place the money where it will be most effective for the student population.

Once again Mayor Copenhaver wants something big and expensive (another stadium) built in Augusta with government involvement. Will somebody tell him that if something big should be built, private entrepreneurs will figure it out and do it with their money?

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