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I think the Morris Museum of Art should buy the vacant golf gardens property on Reynolds Street. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a nice three- or four-story art museum overlooking the pristine Savannah River? I'm quite sure the North Augusta residents along Shoreline Drive would rather look at a beautiful museum than to have to listen to the noise of a ballpark.

Come on, Deke. Go by and look at the baseball facility at Lake Olmstead. It's got grass and soil from the Augusta National. The facility is paid for and absolutely gorgeous.

If the Richmond County Sheriff's Office would get the ones selling the hot guns - and believe me they know who they are - there wouldn't be so many kids killed. These kids aren't going to a store and buying a gun, because most of them are too young. To me, the people who are selling the hot guns and other hot stuff are just as guilty as the ones pulling the trigger.

Incongruous bumper stickers: Car one, an "Obama '08" sticker and a "Retired Army" sticker. Doesn't this person remember the devastation done to our military by Jimmy Peanut, Slick Willie and Sen. Obama? Car two, "Obama '08" and "You can have my pistol when you pry my cold dead fingers from it." Doesn't this person know that Obama and his friends (Biden, Clinton, Reid and Pelosi) are attempting to eliminate our Second Amendment right to own a gun?

Based on the hoopla surrounding the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial, apparently the only choice that is supported by the pro-choice group is one that ends the life of an unborn child. Some choice.

OK, I am all for a free dialogue, but almost 500 online posts on your site, and most of them private conversations between a handful of posters. I suggest a daily limit; I don't have time for so much childish self-indulgence.

Rave to both candidates in the District 22 runoff. Stuck to the issues and avoided personal attacks. Hope other people running for office see how a race should be run.

A rant to Rep. Ben Harbin for voting "no" this week to automatically give the step pay increase for teachers earning leadership degrees. You want us to teach our children, continue our education, obtain a higher degree, miss the time with our families, work way over 40 hours a week and then not receive compensation? I'm glad I don't live in your district because there is nothing worse than angry teachers who have the right to vote, Mr. Harbin.

Rave to Augusta citizens for the "outcry" against downtown parking meters. Your editorial reads: "Good for the public!" Now, to take that same kind of outcry to Atlanta, Columbia and Washington, D.C.

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