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THIS IS A RANT to Richmond County for seeking restitution from the parents of the children that damaged the windows at Copeland Ele­men­tary School. This is an unfair burden on the parents of those two children. In the past I’ve called the police to report damage in my yard, to my home, and friends and family likewise called the police. They never lifted a finger to investigate any damage to a citizen’s property. They simply give you a report and tell you to claim it on your homeowner’s insurance, and I know Cope­land Elementary School had insurance.

SANDRA SCOTT, please come pick up your signs. Thank you.

PRIORITIES ARE really screwed up when the Board of Education thinks that pre-K children need to have computers for learning.

SO A PERSON has a piano delivered, and this town finds that to be newsworthy. Are you serious?

I WOULD LIKE to thank Pro­bate Court Judge Pat Hard­a­way of Columbia County for being a judge who can tell when someone is telling the truth and who is telling an untruth.

ALL POLITICIANS, be they Dem­o­crat or Republican, need to have their salaries reduced about 20 to 30 percent. Also, they need some furlough days. If that happened, maybe that would give them a clue what it’s like for the rest of us working out here.

YOU CAN SMOKE, but don’t blow the smoke in my face and lungs, I don’t do that to you.

THE U.S. HOUSE of Rep­re­sen­tatives voted to increase the government borrowing ceiling, even though it is already borrowed up to the sky and with no end in sight. Yet, as stupid and surely criminal this vote was, Rep. John Barrow voted for it.

A RANT for empty palaces in the CSRA – Fort Discovery, the Augusta Museum of History, the Columbia County Library and other buildings for which the activities should be the priority, not the structure.

DOESN'T EVERY criminal case have clues somewhere? Some kind of lead? Yet Richmond officials say there are no leads when the victims are the taxpayers who paid the money that ended up in the tax office safe with the door left open for a weekend.

BEFORE TEACHERS have another furlough day or decrease in salary, the state should return to the neighborhood school concept and let children go to the closet school to their homes. This would reduce the amount of fuel needed for busing and repairs. Also, a four-day week would reduce operating costs greatly. We need to keep our qualified teachers and pay them well. Reduce administrative costs if necessary, but stop reducing our teachers’ salaries!

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