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ENOUGH ABOUT the wall art at the waterworks! Love it, hate it, who cares? Just get over it. Use your energy on thinking about something that really matters to this “city.” Perhaps ways to improve it so it is more than just a punch line.

THE SENATE bigwigs put out news that newly elected senator Brown from Massachusetts will be “sworn in ahead of schedule.” He should have been sworn in no more than a day or two after winning the election.

SOME RANTER seems to think it’s just fine for Obama to blow millions (literally) of our tax money flying himself all over the globe when he could do his whole job from one office in D.C. The ranter asks, “Who are you to tell our president … ?” The president is supposed to work for us, not the other way around.

ANOTHER FIRST. Our government will have to borrow to pay the interest on its debt. We normal people would have to claim bankruptcy. Why aren’t we on the list with Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Ireland since we are further is debt than they are?

me want to throw up when somebody comes to the Futurity, drives around and sees our city looking so trashy they think it should be called the Garbage City instead of the Garden City. We live here all year long. The city needs to look nice all year, not just Masters Week.

AUGUSTA WILL be blessed to have the Kroc Center. I hope our citizens and our city can be worthy of this blessing.

RANT TO the liberals: For one to state an opinion does not equate to “judging someone.” This has nothing to do with “churchgoing.” Why is it considered a unitive action to force health care upon individual Americans; but to defend the rights of the unborn is “un-American hate”?

I HAVE NOT been to downtown Augusta in years, but I guarantee you that I would be down there every week if they brought back the Monday Night Rasslin’ matches at the Bell. It was always a packed house down there every Monday for rasslin’. That means more people to spend money in downtown businesses.

A RANT for the “move over” law to stay out of the right lane, now the “slow mover” law to stay out of the left lane. What other lanes are there to drive in?

A RANT to the Columbia County library for asking patrons to pay for magazine subscriptions. The county has squeezed enough out of that place. Why not cut the government center?

problem with parking downtown is not the parking itself. Everyone wants to park right in front of the entrance to the business. Walk a block or so. This includes the business owners and employees as well as the patrons.

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