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I JUST READ THE rant from a smoker/drinker who is complaining about "self-righteous" people infringing on his right to smoke and drink. If he has a right to smoke, then I have a right to breathe clean air. If I walk by him on the street while he is smoking, he is infringing on my rights. If he has a right to drink, then I have a right to not get run over by him while he is driving. I'm all for his right to mess up his body however he wants, as long as his actions don't infringe on my rights to a healthy, whole life.

THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH is taken by medical students to earn their M.D. degree. I don't think it has an exception to the oath saying except for people who smoke, are obese or on Medicare. Hippocrates was called the "Father of Medicine."

I'M ALL EARS. Obama was teasing, but it's getting close. I am getting so tired. Re­pub­lican, Democratic, Re­pub­lican, Democratic. Work together. This is 2010. Make it a Christian United States.

THE HAITIANS DON'T want our military to assist in bringing relief, so why don't we just leave? It sure would save the United States a lot of money.

I HAVE A RANT. I am tired of all these young boys killing one another. I feel like they all need to try to get along with one another. A coward totes a gun. Back in my days, when you had a disagreement with someone, you had a fist fight, and the best man would win. Nowadays, you've got a lot of cowards toting guns. Let's all grow up.

CITY OF AUGUSTA, why don't you cut the commissioner s' salaries 15 percent? All the department heads' salaries need to be cut 15 percent, too.

I, ALONG WITH several others, was a victim of a thief who broke into my car and stole my purse as I walked the track at Warren Road Park. Do not leave anything in your car if you walk that track.

IF A BAN ON cell phone use while driving doesn't lower accidents, it's only because people who don't use cell phones are watching out for the red-light runners who do use them.

COLUMBIA COUNTY, YOU probably don't have to build so many schools. If you checked the cars that bring the students to school, you would see Richmond County tags. Find out where they really live.

THE SAD THING ABOUT this administration is not so much that they are out of touch with mainstream America. The sad thing is they have no idea they are out of touch.

I LOVE THE NEW Augusta Chronicle online. Much better!

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