Woman shoots dog after it kills her pet



A Columbia County woman shot a neighbor's dog in her yard Tuesday after that dog and another one attacked and killed her small dog.

Gale Brice, of 6236 Winfield Circle, told police she was outside with her three dogs just after 9 a.m. when two large, mixed-breed dogs ran into her yard from a neighbor's property across the street. The dogs, who have previously bitten her and one of her dogs, attacked all three of her dogs, including her Yorkshire terrier, according to Columbia County sheriff's Capt. Steve Morris.

The woman said she was unable to stop the attack, so she put her other two dogs inside and got a shotgun. She chased the dogs up her driveway, but they turned and ran toward her. She fired, killing one dog. The other one ran away, Morris said.

Deputies found one of the attacking dogs dead in the roadway in front of the woman's home and her terrier disemboweled in her yard.

Animal Services officers were not able to find the second dog, said Linda Glasscock, Code Enforcement/Animal Services manager.

County ordinance violation charges are pending against the attacking dogs' owner for allowing them to run loose, Glasscock said.