Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A BIG RAVE for the Morris Museum of Art. I'm really excited and awaiting their new showing of the art there and their reopening. I visit there quite often.

THIS IS A RANT against those people that give negative reviews on the waterworks wall art. Please find somewhere to park your automobile, walk across the street, and observe the whole thing at a distance. Maybe you will appreciate it more. I think it's beautiful.

I'M SORRY FOR the people in Haiti and the earthquake, and I can see the United States helping. But if you look at what all the other countries gave, while the United States gave $100 million, and we haven't taken care of Katrina and other disasters and other people that live in our own country first. You need to take care of home first and then help others.

IF THE DEMOCRATS couldn't pass their health care plan with 59 votes and the Republicans can't pass their health care plan with just 41 votes, they should dump both plans in the wastebasket and have both the House and Senate get back to running the country, not ruining it.

I CAN'T BELIEVE the liberals want people to think that Scott Brown's election was not a repudiation of Barack Obama's policies.

WHEN I TAUGHT school, it was an article of faith among teachers that education was all about the kids. Like other teachers, I scrounged equipment, bought paper and other supplies, composed and printed materials at home at my own expense. I was given overcrowded classes and extra, unpaid duties. Only during the last few years of my employment did I earn a truly decent salary without working part time somewhere. But you know what? It was all part of the job, and it could have been worse. The school board could have imposed some nutty plan like a four-day school week that would have been an insult to my profession and to the young people that it's all about.

HOW CAN THE Richmond County Board of Education even fathom giving Dr. Bedden a pay raise when teachers and other staff members are receiving pay cuts and furloughs? Are they serious? Oh, by the way, what is the name of the charity that Dr. Bedden donated his $15,000 bonus to?

RANTS TO COMMISSIONERS. Yesterday I spent hours trying to find the boundary of the Bethlehem and Laney-Walker areas that we are about to set aside funds for. Unfortunately, no one can tell me the exact boundaries for those areas. Does anyone in the city actually know?