Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


I HAVE ALWAYS voted for the individual, not any political party, but should this bill pass that the Democrats are pushing and cause my health care costs to climb, then I will be forced to rethink my way of voting.

IT SEEMS LIKE the only person down at the marble palace who was doing his job competently the night of the break-in at the tax commissioner's office was the janitor. Sounds likes that janitor deserves a promotion.

TO THE RANTER that thinks one election will sweep the GOP back into power: Let's just see what party the next governor of Georgia is from.

WE WANT TO THANK the gentleman and his young son for paying for our breakfast at Sunrise. We also want him to know that his kindness will be passed on by us in hopes of starting a chain of thoughtfulness and kindness. Thank you again, and God bless you.

A BIG THANK YOU to the Richmond County Board of Education's Vice President Alex Howard for looking at other ways to cut costs. Teachers are tired of being furloughed and receiving pay cuts. I am sure there are other areas cuts can be made instead of hurting the teachers.

THE VERY FACT that some school board members want to implement a four-day school week in the middle of a school year indicates they have no substantive, researched plan in mind. They want to save gas money by cheating the kids and their parents.

OBAMA IS ALLOWING Americans to write off charitable donations to Haiti, given in 2010, on their 2009 income tax returns. What gives the president such authority, to simply, at his political whim, change our tax laws? Why is no one in Washington even looking into such arrogance?

CAN ANYONE TELL ME why a security officer at Fort Gordon was talking on a cell phone during the afternoon traffic on Wednesday?

LET'S RENAME "The Garden City." We should call it "The Pothole City."

A DEMOCRATIC congressman says Obama has to help sell health care reform. Am I the only one that has seen Obama several times every day selling his agenda? Now he is on the campaign trail again selling his new "jobs creating stimulus bill." The last one cost us $413,000 per job.

SCHOOL ZONES begin at the flashing lights and end with the "end of school zone" sign. Stop passing other cars while still in the school zone in front of Copeland Elementary before someone gets killed. If the Richmond County Sheriff's Office wants to make some money it needs to hang around Copeland.