Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


PLEASE DON'T VILIFY all city department heads for having "golden parachute" severance packages. Who would turn down such a package when serving at the pleasure of that crew downtown? The few bad apples are results of poor hiring practices. It is not even clear who accepted an incomplete resume without question. Not only does one hand not know what the other is doing, but the very fingers and toes do not appear to know what the others are doing.

HOW DOES ONE KNOW when a state's budget -- in this case Georgia's -- is way too fat? When the proposed budget is 416 pages long. Anything from government with so many pages merely tells us there is tons of waste and corruption hidden inside. Gov. Perdue says, "We've acted as prudently as we can, as wisely as we can." Since we all know that state government contains tons of useless, politically correct and destructive agencies and programs, how can he have the gall to claim prudence or wisdom?

HOW SAD THAT Rep. Patrick Kennedy, making a speech at an event that was supposed to honor Martin Luther King Jr., seemed to spend a lot of time talking about himself and his family. "I" this and "me" and "his (Kennedy's) family," and "myself," "his (Kennedy's) time as a politician."

I'M SORRY, maybe it's just me, but I think the paintings on the waterworks wall look tacky. I liked the plain brick better. Please return it back.

VIDEO SURVEILLANCE cameras need to be installed throughout the Harrisburg neighborhood to stave off criminal activity before the Kroc center opens and gets a bad reputation for being in the heart of a crime zone.

A RANT TO THE Columbia County maintenance office. The water feature at the county library playground malfunctioned, likely due to the freeze, with water shooting into the sky for three days before it was serviced.

ROBERT GIBBS, the White House press secretary, says the folks in Massachusetts supported Scott Brown (the Republican) because they are frustrated over the actions of the Bush administration. I guess it will be Bush's fault when the Republicans regain control of both houses of Congress in 2010 and when they regain the White House in 2012.

I WOULD LIKE to give a big rave to the blood bank staff at Doctors Hospital. They work in very stressful situations but always seem to be on top of every task thrown their way.

SYLVIA COOPER'S Sunday column discusses the "dilemma" people with Georgia-permitted guns face when going into North Augusta. Lock the weapon in your glove compartment or trunk before you cross the bridge. Presto: You're legal.