Father makes girls' guests bathe in prayer at gunpoint

SYLVANIA, Ga. --- A Screven County father who found two young men hiding in the bathroom of his house held them at gunpoint and made them pray aloud until deputies arrived and arrested them on charges of criminal trespass.


Screven County Sheriff Mike Kile said the man's daughters, age 14 and 17, invited the young men to the house last week.

"Daddy held them at gunpoint and told them to pray, and they did," Kile said. "He told them to pray louder, and they did."

Charged Jan. 12 were Larnell Andre Gholson, 19, and Jeremy L. Wiles, 20.

The young men said they didn't know one of the girls was so young, but they did know they should have gotten the father's permission to be in the residence.

The sheriff said he was glad no one was hurt.

"He was trying to protect the girls," Kile said. "It worked very, very well."

The girls ran the water in the shower to make their father think nothing was awry, the sheriff said, but the ploy didn't work.

"He knew they didn't take showers that long," he said.

The lesson learned?

"Don't bring boys over without your daddy knowing," Kile said. "Daddies can come home early and get really mad when their daughters' honor is at stake."