Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


MY SINCERE THANKS to the drivers who pulled over to the side of the road in respect for Tom Stafford's funeral procession on Wrightsboro Rd. That respect was an honor for a real American Hero from the Vietnam War. A real man among men.

THE REV. OTIS MOSS exclaims from the pulpit that "America has been a part of the misery in Haiti." Just this morning, a national news program reported that the U.S. Army has been on 14 humanitarian aid missions to Haiti since 2005. And that's just the Army. I would be interested in knowing what Rev. Moss' huge wealthy church has done (and is doing) for the folks in Haiti. I would also tell Rev. Moss this: Don't use the pulpit to blast your country; use it in the way a true man of God would -- to pray for your country.

WHO IS SUPPOSED to run the US government? The people -- through their elected officials in Congress and the White House. So who is meeting with those two groups, in secret, to complete the Obama health care hoax? Union officials. Did anybody elect them?

THE AIKEN SCHOOL BOARD is talking about spending up to $222 million to "improve the most dilapidated facilities." For $222 million you can build several small towns from scratch. Meanwhile, who allowed school buildings to get dilapidated in the first place, if not school boards?

A HUGE RAVE to Highland Avenue Animal Hospital. I recently had my best friend of 17 years put to sleep. They treated my cat with such dignity and respect that I will forever have a place in my heart for them. They took an already unbearable situation and made it tolerable.

WE'RE IN A TREACHEROUS recession, and governments are broke. And now Georgia pols want to spend more. But not to worry. They want to give us a choice between statewide taxes or taxing in individual counties. Isn't that called a "Hobson's choice?" You get more than one choice, and all are lousy.

PERDUE SAYS he favors building roads. One day he makes a speech about how we're spending too much; the next day he wants to spend more.

BUSH AND OBAMA forced banks to take federal loans the banks didn't want to make. Later the banks paid back the money with interest. And now Obama says that's not good enough. He wants to charge the banks new taxes -- which he calls fees.

NOW IS THE SEASON to plant more evergreen trees and shrubs in downtown neighborhoods. This is the only way Augusta can reclaim the "Garden City" title.