Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


TO THE PERSON who said Columbia County should clean up the intersection of Washington Road and Ronald Reagan Drive. If people wouldn't throw trash out of the car window we wouldn't have to waste precious taxpayer dollars to clean up after pigs. Also to the smokers out there: The roads are not your ashtray, and a red light at intersections does not mean you should dump your ashtrays on the ground.

INTERESTING THAT the Aiken Chamber of Commerce will hire an "equine expert." It says, "In the past the industry had to fend for itself, but we decided to do more." Question is, where will they get the expert except from that same industry?

THE U.S. GOVERNMENT is flat broke and deep in the hole, yet politicians keep saying they must spend money they don't have. Then we see stories like the one about the Army Corps of Engineers paying presumably full-time workers to count eagles. What an absurd waste of our money.

RANT TO THE James Brown Arena. I would love to go to your events. But when you charge me a fee to print my own tickets at home, that's just plain ridiculous.

IT IS QUITE AMUSING how the Republicans, desperate as they are because they have no plan for health care reform, have no solution for the economy, have no exit strategy for our troops fighting a war that was a mistake, walk around with their lips out, trying to find any little thing to distract from the goals and important work the Democrats are doing. I do hope the American people can see through this childish behavior, and the next election will reflect this.

HOW MUCH taxpayer money is being wasted by burning Christmas lights as we approach mid-January. Get with the program, Fred, and get them down.

HEADLINE: "Schools to get help detecting violence." Are schools unable to detect the violence all around without help from taxpayer money from state capitals? When a politician says he wants to address a problem and that he wants to partner government with somebody else, and worst of all, he wants to make somebody aware of the very obvious, watch your backs and your pocketbooks.

THANK GOODNESS the Augusta Commission's Finance Committee had the sanity to refuse to buy any tickets to fundraising events. I have been appalled at the level of some of the expenses commissioners claim they need. While we have new commissioners, with the experienced commissioners all up for re-election and hopefully scared of negative publicity, will the commissioners please pass a rule to ban extraneous expenses like tickets and trips when the budget is past a certain point of debt or negative level?