Two arrested for taking school bleachers

Deputies arrested two men for stealing aluminum bleachers from Tubman Middle School on Monday.


David Pearson, 44, and Francisco Govia, 37, both of Augusta, were stopped shortly before noon on Steiner Street near Clay Street after they were seen pushing the bleachers in Kroger shopping carts, according to Richmond County sheriff's Sgt. Robbie Silas.

Sgt. Silas said the men also were carrying tools.

Authorities were able to identify the bleachers because they had sap stains from a pecan tree, and those stains matched sap stains on other bleachers at the school.

"They were coming down the road with them and were headed down to the scrap yard to cash them in," Sgt. Silas said.

Both men are facing charges of felony theft by taking.

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