Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


JIMMY CARTER, "constant crusader." What game does Carter play? Who finances him other than Saudi Arabia? Your story even mentions Carter's "crusade" of "mediating ... never-ending conflicts." If Carter's mediating was worth a flip, those conflicts wouldn't be "never-ending."

I WISH TO APOLOGIZE to all those hard-working artists that painted the walls of the water works up on Highland Avenue. I started the ugly trash talk about their murals being graffiti. But I must stick to my guns and say it is in the wrong place. And another thing, please paint over that big ugly turtle and put some small alligators along the banks instead.

HEADLINE: "No churchgoing Christmas for the First Family." Remember the guy, Obama, who claimed he was a Christian? He's gone to church three whole times in the past year, and all three of those were for political reasons. Now at Christmas, he's not gone at all. Attendance doesn't make you a Christian, but only three services in a year has got to tell us some real truth about this guy.

I WOULD LIKE to personally thank the sheriff's deputies and volunteers for bringing toys to all of the children in Olmstead Homes for Christmas. This was truly a blessing.

TO THE RANTER who is complaining about President Obama going on vacation. Why complain? Bush did the same thing. He's the one who got us in this mess anyway.

IT'S PITIFUL, if not wrong, but the state is making some local employees take 12 furlough days within five months. Most of these people are already among the working poor, but what do they care? They should be furloughing those making the most money, not the least.

HELP! WILL ANYONE in the Augusta area hire a person with a 20-year-old felony conviction? I worked at Castleberry's for nine years and have not been able to find a job since the plant closed in December 2008. Everywhere I apply I am told they do not hire felons.

NOBODY SHED A TEAR when I returned from Vietnam. and I'm not complaining. Yet it brings a tear to my eyes when I see a parent returning from war today and surprising their young children. People forget that life is all about the children. They suffer the most.

I THINK EACH and every member of Congress should spend a week in the trenches with our troops. Then, spend a week with the families of those troops. And I mean the foot soldier, not the brass.

RE: ATTEMPT to bomb an airliner in Detroit. Despite a safe landing, the actual "terrorism" worked beautifully. America is still terrorized by this situation, the terror being the fear engendered rather than the specific act by the terrorist.