Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A great big rave for photographer Rainier Ehrhardt for his wonderful picture of the Union Baptist Church and its pastor. I loved this picture when it was first published in the paper, and to me that is the best photograph of the year. Please show more of his work. Happy New Year to all of the staff.

PRESIDENT CARTER says if he had it to do over, if he had one more day as president, he'd use it to bring the "full weight of the White House to the (Middle East) peace process." Why didn't he "bring the full White House weight" when he was president? And does Carter think Americans haven't wised up to the con job lingo called "peace process"? Peace is an absence of war; thus it's no "process" at all.

JUST CURIOUS about how the local ministers feel about their young church members performing in a less than appropriate manner at Augusta Common functions, in the parades and even on television. Maybe they are expecting the parents to recognize that revealing costumes and suggestive movements are not "jazz," "modern dance" or "contemporary."

I WOULD LIKE to rave about Augusta Mall. Yes, I said rave. I went there the day before Christmas Eve to do some last-minute shopping. I hadn't been to the mall in over a year and was anxious with all the write-ups about groups of thugs and disrespectful shoppers. I was pleasantly surprised to find that even the young folks there were very courteous and going about their shopping without wearing inappropriate clothes or being unruly. Security was near where I parked when I arrived and when I left. Thank you for a pleasant experience.

THIS A RANT for printing only raves for your Christmas edition. I read this rag so I can enjoy the stupid rants the people of this community have.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND all the complaints about that newly painted wall on Highland Avenue. I was driving past it on the way back to Atlanta, and it is beautiful. My friend told me that more painting is to come and that the special paints will last over 20 years. If that is really the case, that is a boon to Augusta, in my book.

I WAS SHOCKED and saddened by the picture in The Augusta Chronicle of the young boy holding a beautiful wild goose that he had shot and killed in the Phinizy Swamp. Did his dad teach him to shoot this goose because their family needed it for food, or was that innocent creature killed just for the sport of it?

THE RANTER complaining about Obama traveling or spending any money is so obviously stupid. Who do you think you are to tell our president when and where he can go? He is not your puppet.