Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


TO THE GENIUS who made the rant about the Richmond County Sheriff's Office patrol cars not using signals or headlights, etc. Is this all you've got to do? You are riding around wasting gas being on the road for no purpose at all, just checking out sheriff's deputies and all that stuff. You need to get a life.

AUGUSTA, PLEASE support the Exceptional Bowling League for special-needs adults. This is an awesome program that has been around for 50 years. The Tuesday article "No time to spare" breaks my heart. These people need you.

TO THE RANTER who thinks the person living downtown is cheap because he is threatening to move if parking meters are put in: Area apartments don't charge to park. Why should the people living downtown pay? I don't blame him for wanting to move.

I'M A 75-YEAR-OLD man, and President Obama has given me a reason to go on. I want to live long enough to see him voted out of office.

I LIVE ACROSS from the rear exit of the uptown VA on Maryland Avenue. My daughter has lost three precious cats to this road. People speed up and down this road all day, and the people coming out of the VA are the worst!

HAS ANYONE NOTICED that you can't even insult politicians anymore? They live inside their insular world of conceit, so they don't even understand that they're supposed to work for the taxpayer and follow common sense.

I THINK IT'S TERRIBLE for anyone to try to make predictions as to how commissioners will work out years down the road. Matt Aitken and William Lockett were just elected, and I think we should just let them do their work.

SOME THUGS GO to the Movie Gallery, claim to have a gun, steal money and other things and then run. They are caught and taken to jail, where they can get out on a $7,900 bond so that they can go and do it again and perhaps kill the next person.

WHY IS IT THAT if you've been to jail you can't get a job? How can a single mother get off welfare if she can't even get a decent job to take care of her kids? People need to be given a second chance at life, especially when it's been over 12 years.

NO MATTER HOW controversial, common sense dictates that people who commit murder, especially of a child, are detrimental to society. Since they have proven to be of no redeeming value to society, they should receive the death sentence instead of continuing to be a burden on the justice system and the American taxpayers by serving life in prison.