Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


YOU FOLKS IN Augusta need to elect commissioners and hire an administrator that would help your city. This TEE center, parking meters, the Miller Theatre are something just for the wealthy and classy of your city. The lower class pay taxes just like the wealthy. The city should spend these monies on the streets and roadways of Augusta and Richmond County. I am not a citizen of your city, but I travel your streets each and every day. Believe me, if you have nothing wrong with your vehicle, traveling these streets will send you looking for repairs.

HOUSE MAJORITY WHIP Jim Clyburn of South Carolina says he wants a Medicare deal for his state, too. Does Clyburn really think money grows on trees? He says members of Congress taking bribes are "looking out for their own states."

HEADLINE SAYS: "Candidates find loopholes in campaign finance laws." Imagine how all those candidates will break our laws once they're in office.

A RAVE TO Best Buy and Kroger. Best Buy for bucking the politically correct trend of banning the word "Christmas" and boldly wishing us all a Merry Christmas on last Sunday's flier. And Kroger did the same on a commercial. It is nice to see some corporate officials still have a little backbone.

GUN CRIME is up 89 percent in Great Britain. Oh, yeah, the private citizens of Britain can't own handguns.

WHILE THE GRINCHES of the Democratic Party were stealing Christmas from the American people through the guise of health care reform, they were giving $6 million in bonuses to the managers of Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac. Both lending institutions were bailed out with your hard earned tax dollars. Remember this in November.

IT IS A SAD DAY in America, knowing that our representatives were not listening to the voices across this great country on health care reform. In a way, it is the fault of every citizen. Every day, most people would rather stay updated on their favorite reality TV show instead of following what is going on locally, nationally and globally. Do we want our children to have the same type of freedom we had, better hopefully, or do we want them to have limited freedom or none at all?

FRONT-PAGE STORY tells of a felon on work release who failed to follow the rules and didn't report in. He got caught with his wife, and naturally he's claiming the cops hurt him. If he resisted, he asked for it. Also, the story says nothing about his wife being charged with aiding and abetting this felon. Why is she not under arrest?

ATTORNEYS GENERAL of seven states say they will probe the "Nebraska compromise." Funny that the Georgia attorney general is not with this group.