Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THIS IS A RANT to all the U.S. senators and House members. If there was ever a time for we the people to demand term limits on these politicians, it's now because they certainly are not representing the people. They are only representing pharmaceuticals, big business, insurance companies, and any other group that floods them with lobbyists.

THANK GOODNESS someone addressed the loud, screaming commercials on TV, and thank goodness for the mute button. Do you think we would buy your product? Can you hear us now?

I VOLUNTEER at a local charity, and we are dumped on every year in December. If you want your donations to get out in time for the holidays, try starting in October.

THIS IS A RANT to all those who burn leaves and inflict their smelly acrid smoke on their neighbors.

SOME SAY IT IS our responsibility for the way Washington does business. They say we need to get out and vote. Unless they have blinders on, they would see that the people we elect turn to their own agendas once elected. What they say during a campaign changes when they get to Washington.

WE NEED TO DIVERT more of the lottery money to primary education during these hard times, on both sides of the border. With both states cutting funds to our schools, it shows their lack of priorities.

HAD A HOSPITAL STAY recently. How do they justify $540 a day just for a room. This is the part of high health care costs that needs to be fixed.

THIS IS A RANT for North Augusta's so-called "green" attitude. I would like to know how much energy (and money) is wasted by the ridiculously conspicuous lights at the new Taj Mahal, whoops, I meant the Municipal Center. First of all, it is a horrible waste of natural resources. Secondly, it is tacky and ostentatious in the extreme, and thirdly, it is an abuse of taxpayer funds. Why is this town always so crass and pathetic in its attempt to look sophisticated? It would be so much more attractive to simply be able to look at nature.

THIS IS A RAVE for Lights of the South. It is the best bargain in the area. You ride on hay in a wagon behind a tractor and see myriads of wonderful lights, then go down Lillipop Lane to a real playhouse and train rides for small ones! Wonderful Santa, too!

AIKEN PARENTS can now go online and check out their kids' school grades, attendance records and assignments. On-the-ball parents have always kept up with this by being good parents. Alas, most parents nowadays are not on-the-ball parents, thus we see soaring crime rates and falling school grades.