Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


RANT TO MY NEIGHBORS in the Merrymont subdivision in Martinez that have the Rottweilers that get out of their yard. If one of them comes in my yard again and growls and barks at me, I will call the police and have animal control take it away.

APPARENTLY, THE AIKEN school system teaches courses like "Professionalism 101," which teaches "skills such as interviewing." Interviewing? No wonder public schools can't get students educated. What horse radish!

HOW SAD TO SEE how ignorant many are of the history of Israel since 1948. Israelis bought the land in the West Bank and Gaza, literally bought it, and at inflated prices. The land is not "illegally occupied," as a recent ranter contends, and in fact Arabs want that land only because for 2,000 years they let it go to ruin; then they saw how it flourished when Jews fixed it up, so now they want it.

RAVE FOR ALL of our hardworking law enforcement officers. The holiday season is always a busy one for them, and they are working hard to make it a good one for all.

U.S. REP. JOHN SPRATT, a South Carolina Democrat, says he will seek a 15th term. How sad that so many egotists think they own their high political offices. Anybody who's running for a 15th term has allowed every kind of crime against Americans to happen on his watch.

WHY DO SOME mothers feel bound to use every letter in the alphabet when naming their baby? Give the kid a break!

I WOULD LIKE to express my rave to those who helped my kids' Christmas possible. This was my first time asking for help since I got unemployed from the VA and I greatly appreciate the help I received. Have a Merry Xmas and thank you again, Augusta Chronicle, and those who donate to the Empty Stocking Fund.

WE WOULD LIKE to thank all of the Augusta Fire Department members for the fruit basket they give the widowed ladies every year.

I WOULD JUST LIKE to say thank you to the Salvation Army. Every time I go by the Salvation Army I have to put some money in because I think back to when my father was a sharecropper and we didn't have anything for Christmas, and the Salvation Army would always help my mother get us a toy and some food for Christmas. I would just like to tell the people out there to always think about the Salvation Army when you go by there.