Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


RICHMOND COUNTY middle school starts late in the morning, which has been proven the best for that age group. Why can't Columbia County do the same? My seventh-grader is on the bus at 6:45 a.m. That is too early!

PARKING METERS downtown will only drive people away and make life harder for the people that live and work there. Why not buy some land nearby and pave it? Then provide shuttle service to the downtown area? We should be able to do that for under a million dollars. We might even be able to build several satellite parking lots.

WHERE DOES the Downtown Development Authority come up with these baseless ideas? A million dollars worth of parking meters? The parking meter company is the only one benefiting from that idea. Trolleys? How about an overhead monorail? Why not a multilevel parking garage or satellite parking lots with shuttle service?

I'VE GOT A RAVE for the parking meters. It will be an increase for the cab drivers. They'll pick up more business, so bring them on.

RANT ABOUT Richmond County Sheriff's Office patrol cars not using turn signals or turning headlights on when it's raining. Another concern is that the public is encouraged not to use cell phones while driving, but I see deputies using their notebook computers while driving.

BRING BACK Ann Coulter. I miss her liberal bashing. Nobody does it better.

THE CHRONICLE suggests we need a "bipartisan solution" to health care. Wrong! The only solution that can ever work is to get government out of where government has no business and no authority. Until government is 100 percent out of health care, we will continue to have problems.

A NEWS REPORT says Georgia's "employers have yet to ramp up hiring." Clearly, if employers are intelligent enough to not hire more than they can afford, employers are doing their part by not sinking us farther into the hole we've been forced into by governments at all levels.

I JUST HOPE that our country can survive until November 2010, when we can elect people to Congress that care about the people of this country. I am still hopeful and praying daily that this government takeover of our health care will fail in the end.

TO THE RANTER who threatened to move from a downtown apartment if he or she had to pay to park. You are cheap. Someone with more class will move in your vacated apartment. Good riddance!

MY RANT INVOLVES some of the pictures posted in the Spotted section. Some of these pictures look so trashy. Some of these girls should just go ahead a get a job in a strip joint.