Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


THANKS TO OUR soldiers everywhere.

IN 1946 our class had 36 students, and everyone learned to read. We had no advantage of genes or brains, so what's the difference between then and now? We all, rich and poor, had parents who wanted us to succeed and they made sure we were disciplined from birth to obey parents and teachers and to work hard. Does such discipline even exist in the 21st century?

RANT TO THE THIEVES who turned my grandchildren's Christmas into fear by stealing their four-wheelers. Instead of looking forward to "Santa," they are now afraid of "bad men" coming into their yard. They stole not only the four-wheelers but also their "Christmas spirit."

I HOPE THE THIEVES who broke into my daughter's car at Academy Sports enjoy her Christmas gifts. You know what goes around comes around. They'll get theirs in the end.

I'M A WAITER at a local Waffle House, and I'm tired of the Rants & Raves about tips. Mine have always been pretty good.

THIS IS A RANT to your paper. You keep shoving Tiger Woods down our throat. Who cares about hearing about that sicko? There's other more worthwhile news out there to print, especially this time of year.

THIS IS NEITHER a rant nor a rave but a comment. Jesus have mercy. Save the trees and kill the babies. Save the whales and kill the children. Save the dogs and kill the unborn. Save the planet and kill the innocent. Save the country and kill the people.

THE LETTER to the editor titled "Israeli wall is there for good reason" neglected to point out that the wall and all the Israeli settlements in the West Bank are on illegally occupied land. Israel started the 1967 war and took possession of the West Bank from Jordan. U.N. Resolution 242, which the U.S. voted for, states that the continued occupation of the territories taken by Israel is illegal. Israel was created because of the persecution of Jews in Europe. Now the Israelis persecute the Palestinians whose land they have taken by force.

SENSIBLE THAT the Augusta Commission voted down City Attorney Chiquita Johnson's proposals to give her more power that she does not deserve or need to do her job. Did she break the law with her proposals? Why not at least fire her while they're about it?

IT WAS GREAT to see all of the parents and students of A.R. Johnson support their school's recent faculty talent show and PTSA silent auction. Many came straight from work, still in their work clothes.