Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


WHAT AN INSULT by the Sanford legislative camp to the people of South Carolina! Sure, airplane trips are not an impeachable offense. They are a penny-ante issue in any state. Maybe Gov. Sanford was just getting in some flight time for an Air Force Reserve promotion. But why doesn't the South Carolina Legislature consider Sanford's five-day desertion of his elected post to be the crime it really is?

THE CATTY, SELF-RIGHTEOUS AND/OR INARTICULATE RANTERS against tips for restaurant servers should get over themselves. Waiting is one of the few jobs I've never performed, but I've seen how mean some customers can be. I have rarely experienced a truly bad server, even in newer, pretentiously named eateries where the food is atrocious. In the last such place, the waiter struck such a fine balance between satisfying us and defending his wretched establishment, I tipped him extra, after expressing my opinion to the manager.

TO THE RANTERS who slickly advocated the Psalm 109 bumper stickers, hopefully those products have been removed from sale by the company that offered them and other asinine anti-Obama crap. Treasonous? Maybe, maybe not, but Obama has been the most threatened president ever, and Americans are getting tired of that.

A RANT TO THE RANTER who is against adultery and Tiger Woods in Nike and Gatorade commercials. I also do not condone adultery; therefore, I dressed in a Nike shirt and sipped Gatorade to see the effect. I still do not condone adultery. Wow! Apparently these two products affect people in different ways. I also noticed that when people appeared in any commercial representing any product, I was not swayed to condemn them for any of their faults or transgressions.

IF WE ARE HAVING a lot of crime at Mullins Crossing why aren't we seeing it in the news? Evans crime needs reporting just like that in Richmond County.

I LIVE in a downtown apartment. Charge me to park and I will move. My neighbors all say the same thing.

GUEST COLUMNIST DICK POLMAN fails to recognize Sarah Palin's down-to-earth common sense. Or that Palin hasn't yet been in government long enough to get corrupted. Palin's apparent common sense makes her look better than anybody else for president, for now certainly.

THE RICHMOND COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD plans to focus on adopting standards that prepare students, build a data system to measure success, get and keep good teachers and turn-around lowest achieving schools. Isn't that what any school system should have been doing ever since it existed? The board just wants more money.