Empty Stocking fund donations

Previously acknowledged$92,006.27
In memory of Anna Gould, Aquinas High School Class of 1966$50
Merry Christmas David, David Jr., Cameron, and Liv $50
Gary and Lila Greene from the Augusta Ashland Hercules Team$80
Anju and Dinesh Shah$51
In memory of Grandmothers Woodward and Sanders$100
Title I Ga Pre-K Department Richmond County Board of Education$500
In loving memory of Stretch, Maryanne, and JoJo$50
Surgery Center of Columbia County Staff$200
The Sharps$150
In memory of Christopher Smith Jr.$25
May God Bless you$50
Merry Christmas from the CMC PACU Staff$185
The Dolphus Family$15
Happy Holidays from Nita, Ben and Mark$100
In honor of the owners of W.A. Bragg and Co., from their employees$200
In loving memory of my parents, Louis and Inez Stein from Melinda Armstrong$50
Michael and Kimberley Romaner$100
Natalie and Clare Hudson$25
In memory of Fred and Noni Gallagher from sons and daughters$50
In memory of T.A. and Frances Reeder$100
Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!! The Fenns$25
In loving memory of Lois and John St John$50
In loving memory of Mama (Dot Greene Solomon) wish you were still here to sing Happy Birthday to me$50
In honor of our Children Sam and Kate Peterson$50
Merry Christmas from Bobby and Molly$25
In memory of Lester Durham from Margaret Durham$50
In honor of Cpt. Christian Durham and 1st Lt. Cecil Simmons from Margaret Durham$50
In loving memory of Jessica Lynn Fulmer and Daniel Lee Fulmer$100
Colonel and Mrs. William Mannel$100
In memory of our beloved Husband, Dad, George T. Williams from Ann, Tammy, Melody and Jayne$25
Total today$2,981
Total this year$94,987.27