Richmond County Schools asks for feedback

Have an opinion about a Richmond County school?


Now's your chance to speak up. Starting at 2 p.m. today, two surveys open to the public will be posted on the school system's Web site, There will be a "community survey" and a "survey of beliefs" for parents, teachers, other staff and the community.

"The results of these surveys will enable us to identify our strengths, discover our weaknesses and seize opportunities for improvement," said school spokesman Louis Svehla.

The surveys will be available through Jan. 18 and will be filed anonymously, Mr. Svehla said. After that, the information will be analyzed and a "benchmark for comparison and progress tracking" will be developed, Mr. Svehla said.

"Our goal is to improve our educational environment and surveying can be a valuable tool to assess the climate for more strategic planning for the future," he said.

The survey for the community at-large first asks the person's gender, ethnicity and the school the person is associated with. The person will rate such things as a school's quality, its academic rankings and whether students' learning needs are met.

The other survey has participants note whether they are a parent, teacher, staff or community member and rank essential beliefs and learning priorities.


The surveys of Richmond County schools can be accessed at or at these links: