Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


A BIG RAVE to all our soldiers that are away from their families this holiday season. You are not forgotten. Thank you for defending our freedom. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.

RANTS TO PEOPLE who go to the drive-through at the bank and don't have all of their paperwork ready. Don't get in line until you have everything filled out! It is rude to make other people have to wait on you!

MANY RAVES to the organizers of the "Merry Krunkmas" concert downtown, who used the funds to buy toys for children at MCG. Those children will have a better Christmas thanks to the efforts of those young men and all who attended.

THIS IS A RANT for the United States Congress. Why is it you can create and pass a bill filled with earmarks and pork barrel spending, yet when it comes time to find money to give medically retired veterans concurrent retirement disability pay, it's nonexistent?

TUCKED AWAY in the $1.1 trillion bill passed by the Democrats last weekend was a provision to end money for private schools in the inner city. It was a very popular program, and test results were very encouraging. And it was designed not to take away money from public schools. Only three Republicans voted for it, but the Democrats, who supposedly are for minorities, voted overwhelmingly for it and were the ones who sneaked it in.

IT'S HARD TO AGREE with anybody in political office these days, but if the story is correct that the South Carolina budget oversight board decided "to cut 5 percent from state budgets," then good for that board. Now cut another 5 percent. Then another and another till you get it right. Then stop sending anything to D.C.

THE DENIAL of speedy trials for traffic-ticket misdemeanors is absurd, especially when a judge claims the defendants are at fault for not filing a motion to get their constitutional rights. We're supposed to have those rights without having to ask for them. When a court, whether it's the judge or the DA (solicitor), lets a misdemeanor case drag out for over a year, that just shows the complete incompetence of those in charge. Replace 'em!

HEADLINE: "SALES TAX crucial to Columbia schools." If they can't live inside a reasonable budget, the wrong people are controlling the schools. Look at the results of public "education" these days. Maybe it's time to close public schools.