Empty stocking fund donations

Previously acknowledged $84,014.57


In honor of Mary and John Tyson, Elliott and Flaminia Horton $100

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Holmes $25

Allen and Diane Strunk $25

Joseph and Barbara Ellington $25

Gene and Laura Rollins $200

Johnny and Kimberly Watkins $15

Anonymous $10

Sandra and Daniel Leonard $25

Linda Feffer $50

Daniel, Kyle and Ashlyn $30

The Appliance Land Sales Guys, Ronnie and Special "K" $140

Sylvia and Joe Cheek $100

In memory of Lawrence P. Fain from Phyllis Fain Rex $50

Warren Carter $100

In memory of Dundo $100

In cherished and loving memories of Charles and John, Parents: John and Mildred Hart, Sisters: Elizabeth Ann, Becky, Brenda, and Joan $100

Cassara, Attorney at law $100

In memory of Sara Tankersley Family $50

Edgar Sweat $25

Dutch Enterprises Inc $100

Anonymous $100

In memory of Thurmond Lord $15

In memory and honor of our Six Grandchildren and Four Great-Grandchildren from The Ellis Family $100

Lt. Col. A.N. Sanchez, USA, Ret. $20

In memory of Dan Smoak $100

James Siders $30

Carey and Anne Hembree $50

Shirley Wallace $25

K.D. and E.M. Robey $10

Mims Grove Baptist Church Beautification Ministry $200

Neurology Dept.-Charlie Norwood VAMC $285

Friends of 735-A $243

The Thursday Bridge Club 101 $35

In memory of "Chef" James Clark $200

In memory of my husband Robert (Bob) Waddell $10

In honor of my Grandson Zachary Phillips $10

In loving memory of my Husband Sam Benson, Jr. $20

Prestige Floors, Inc $100

In loving memory of Elinor, Diane and Cindy $50

In memory of the past Firefighters and to honor the present Firefighters from the Augusta Fire Department $300

In memory of Doris Blackwell $100

Arthur and Dorothy Biggs $25

In honor of our wonderful Grandsons: Carter, Reese and Tyler from Diane and Mike Ford $25

William and Joyce Compton $25

William and Rebecca Rebek $50

Jackie Sewell $100

Leo and Karen Marks $25

In honor of our Grand Blessings Mackenzie, Kaleigh, Aiden, Dawson, Jared, Madison and Max $35

Ann and John $100

Patricia Byrd $50

Joan and George Beaudoin $20

In memory of Maria Brown and Rosetta Jones $200

Paul and Monica Dainer $25

Miguel and Margaret Sena $100

Frances and Clark Yarbrough $55

Joe and Mary Byrd in honor of Grandchildren $50

In memory of Emma Nicole $25

Directors of the Creel-Harison Foundation $760

In memory of Richard O. Mixon $50

In honor of our Grandsons Rich, Robert, and Steven and Great-Grandson baby Bert $50

Anonymous $25

"In loving memory of Mrs. Ann Blanchard by her Family" $25

Frank and Betty Givens $100

Darryl Tom $100

Sweetness and Savvy $25

Raymond and Nancy Reed $50

Total today $5,468

Total this year $89,482.57