Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


WHAT HIGHWAY ROBBERY to try to charge a whole dollar an hour for people to drive and park their cars to shop and dine and enjoy downtown Augusta. And yet some of these same downtown merchants and their workers would admit that they were among those taking the closest front door parking spots that they wanted their customers to have in order to walk into their establishments. One big reason that malls are so popular is that there is ample free parking.

OK, LET'S SEE who will be first to crack down on speeders. Aiken, Columbia, McDuffie, Richmond? What county will take the lead in this problem? State troopers have nice cars but don't seem to care enough to stop it.

FOR THE IDIOT that put out poison at Midland Valley Country Club: You killed a beautiful Siberian husky. He had a horrible death.

TO ALL THE PEOPLE that ran for office in the Dec. 1 race for city commission: The election is over. You took the time to put up the signs. Take the time to take them down.

OBAMA TELLS Republicans to stop frightening Americans. It's not Republicans that are frightening Americans; it's Obama.

THIS IS FOR the Rants & Raves and all you people complaining about waitresses, good or bad. The majority of waitresses get tips. A lot of them expect more. You get what you treat the customer.

IF YOU DON'T TIP but a quarter, tip something to show appreciation. After all, this is America.

MY HUSBAND AND I always tip. Most of the time we tip too much. However, you waitresses and waiters knew what the job paid when you took it. Your problem will not go away. Think about it. How long have waiters and waitresses been complaining? If you are not satisfied with your pay, find another job. Your complaints make me want to quit tipping or leave less.

TO THE WAITRESSES ranting about getting tips: It's simple; good waitresses get good tips. If you give sorry service, sometimes you don't even get a tip.

IF THE WAIT STAFF did their job like they should, they would receive more tips. I tip according to the service I receive from my waiter/waitress. It could be a nickel or a $10 bill. It depends on them, not the food, not the wait-to-be-seated time or my mood.

CONGRATS TO John S. Davidson Fine Arts School for making the top 100 high schools in the U.S.

THE LATEST BUZZWORD from the sky-is-falling climategate bunch is "divergence." Watch out for that word. It means the facts have "diverged" from their predictions but they insist they are right and forget any inconvenient facts.