Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


TO THE PEOPLE debating about a whole month of Christmas to celebrate only Christ: The U.S. may have started on a faith of Christians, but it now is a conglomeration of several different religions and even non-religion. One day can be considered representative of Christ's birthday, but not the whole month. Obama was quite correct in stating it should be a season of brotherhood. That makes it tolerable to have a whole month and even more to celebrate. I don't see us having a Martin Luther King Jr. Month.

WENT TO EAT lunch with my granddaughter at her school today. The school board needs to eat with the kids every day. Most of the children would not eat it, and I understand why. I am all for healthy foods, but if the kids won't eat it what good is it doing?

I WAS A SERVER at an establishment that sees fit to pay servers $2.13 an hour. Do any of you who get paid a legitimate wage know what it's like to come home with a 30-hour paycheck of $6.33 after you're taxed on your tips and your income and FICA and whatever other deductions are taken out? Believe me, people do not tip well in general. I left that establishment and went to work for Burger King, where I make over $8 an hour, don't have to put up with people who think they are my one and only customer, and I have benefits including health care and vacation.

I CAN'T THINK of anything that could seal Augusta's fate more than parking meters. They are a losing proposition, but then it probably doesn't matter because Augusta is doomed anyway with uncontrolled crime and incompetent leadership. Very sad.

GO AHEAD, AUGUSTA, put those parking meters back downtown and finish killing business down there. Do the math -- when you run a lot of people off to the malls, how many hours of parking will it take to regain the $1 million the meters cost? Pity those who work downtown and park on the street.

HEADLINE: "Net worth increases 5 percent." As an example, say you had $100. Then politicians and their money trust allies screwed up the economy so you suddenly only had $50. If you then find your $50 has grown to $60, is that a "net worth increase" or just less of a loss?

I SEE THAT Jenny Sanford, (Gov. Mark Sanford's wife) will be asking for a divorce. I would like to say a very loud "Good for her !" It is so very sad that the S.C. state government cannot have Mrs. Sanford's resolve and send this disgraceful Mark Sanford out of our South Carolina government!

EVERYONE IN DISTRICT 1 had two options: Vote for Fennoy and his noisy group, who dared to say a certain race was unwelcome to be considered as a representative, or for Aitken, who has worked tirelessly for two decades for all people.