Rants and raves

RICHMOND COUNTY is considering hiring an outside company to manage school buses. This is nothing more than an admission that government is incapable of running anything right, even hiring and scheduling some buses that'll run on time and dependably.


FOUR PEOPLE were made to wait four or more years for trials on traffic tickets. The prosecutors involved say those charged never asked for a speedy trial. The Constitution never mentions somebody having to ask for a speedy trial. Government is just required to give speedy trials. Four years for a trial? And for speeding tickets?

THIS IS A WHINE about the Augusta roads. I am an Augustan. I was born here. We have some of the worst roads that I have ever seen. I have lived in and visited quite a few places in and around Georgia and Augusta seems to have some of the worst roads in my travels. Why are the roads not getting more attention?

I, TOO, AM TIRED of reading rants from untipped servers. When I was a young girl my father taught me I could not afford to dine out unless I could afford to leave a 15 percent tip. (I assume in the 1970s servers made less than $2.13 per hour.) I normally leave about 20 percent unless the service is extremely good or extremely bad. Servers, when you don't take care of your customers, they are not obligated to take care of you.

SOME FOLKS don't know how to tip. Look at the tax and double that for the tip, but never leave less than $2.

IN A LOCAL RESTAURANT a waitress brought me the wrong food and drink. Why does she deserve a tip? I am also tired of being called sweety because of my age. Show some respect to your customers and I will tip you.

HOW IS THIS for "voting conservative"? The Permanent Estate Tax Relief for Families, Farmers, and Small Businesses Act of 2009 passed by a vote of 225-200 (with nine not voting). The legislation lowers the maximum rate of estate and gift taxes to 45 percent after 2009 and sets a minimum of $3.5 million before an estate can be taxed. Rep. Paul Broun voted no. C'mon! Aren't conservatives supposed to be opposed to higher "death taxes" for the little guy? And what about voting for "tax relief"?

A RANT TO OBAMA. A revolution within Iran would defuse its nuclear weapons program and install a pro-American democracy. Yet Obama has done everything possible to withdraw rebel support. Is he so petulant he would throw Iran under the bus rather than have an earth-shaking breakthrough because it would vindicate Bush and the neocons?