Rants and raves

FOR THE PARENTS who are obviously confused by simple signs in school zones, you should consider staying for class with your child. Maybe it's your lack of education ... or just poor skills in following directions.


HEADLINE: "Consumer borrowing falls for record ninth straight month." Excellent. That shows that no matter how hard D.C. works to break our economy and destroy our freedom, regular people will finally wake up and realize they can't buy what they can't afford.

THE GOVERNMENT-RUN TEE center plans to add more space to the "existing convention center." So Augusta will have more empty space than before. Front page story tells how the TEE center "will be funded." The list includes a tax, a tax, a "judicial center savings" (from government -- don't make me laugh), a tax and then money from "tax exempt bonds"). How do you suppose government pays off those bonds? With another tax!

THIS IS A RAVE to Quinton Aaron, the actor from Augusta in the movie The Blind Side, for taking time to sign autographs for my kids. It is a great inspiration to see an actor be so down to earth and such a gentle giant. Thank you. It goes to show that you set your goals and dreams will come true.

THIS IS A RAVE to First Baptist Church of Augusta for the amazingly beautiful Christmas concert with Ty Herndon and Jaycie Ward. It was just unbelievable, and we really hope they will come back soon.

OBAMA CLAIMS Christmas is not just about Jesus, rather its "lesson is universal ... represents more than any one holiday or religion, but a season of brotherhood." Did you ever hear either a real Christian or a real U.S. citizen spout such heresy?

I WOULD LIKE to thank the Richmond County sheriff's department. There have been a terrible number of homicides lately, and I know those officers have been working nonstop. Thousands of us appreciate all of the efforts of the many law-enforcement agencies in the CSRA.

FRONT PAGE STORY tells of lighting an Augusta Christmas tree 20 days before Christmas. What the heck! Let's go ahead and celebrate New Year's Day next week. And while we're about it, why not July 4th in January?

WHEN DID THE Columbia County Christmas parade become a "who's who" advertisement? Does it really just take slapping a magnet to your car or truck to be in the parade? What happened to floats and candy? At least put a balloon on your car or something. My children were bored and wanted to leave before it was even over. Get it together, people.