Rants and raves

YOU RAN A STORY that filled nearly half a page, with big headline at the top, about a "forum" at Evans supporting Obama's Marxist health care scam. Why so much coverage for a little group of only 30 people who don't seem to realize their freedom, too, is on the line?


HEADLINE: "ROAD PROJECT sees progress." $30 million to extend St. Sebastian Way, including "decorative lighting fixtures." Yep, that's your money, taxpayer. According to a not-real-clear map, this will cover a few blocks.

INSTEAD OF SENDING 30,000 troops to Afghanistan to help prop up a corrupt government, Obama needs to bring all the troops home. The military can better protect us from terrorists by securing our southern border. Right now, the terrorists can merely walk across the border disguised as illegal aliens.

THE AARP is supporting ObamaCare because it is the largest seller of Medicare supplemental insurance in the nation. It makes money when Medicare is cut.

A HUGE RANT to the person who commented: "Does the Army's beret look goofy or what?" And then proceeds with, "no disrespect to our great military people." You should be ashamed for even commenting on something so trivial. There are civilians who have lost loved ones in this war, and you have the audacity to comment on their style of berets? Good thing you're not in the Army anymore. Now that would be "goofy."

THIS IS A RANT to all the inconsiderate, lazy people who left their fast food trash in the middle of Washington Road in front of Walgreens after the Columbia County Christmas parade. It wasn't a tailgating party.

I WENT THROUGH North Augusta shortly after the Christmas parade was over. I thought I was in the tailgating area in Athens. The trash was atrocious. Pick up after yourselves!

TO THE RANT about the waitress. Get over yourself! Waiters and waitresses only make $2.13 a hour. The tip is how they make a living. If you can't afford to tip, go to Taco Bell.

A RANT TO THE PERSON whining about the waitress whining about no tips. If the restaurant paid the waitress $12 an hour and charged $25 for a burger or $60 for a meal, would you whine about it? Leave a tip and eat a reasonable meal or stay home, tightwad.