Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RAVES TO THE PRESIDENT for not being pushed into making a snap decision about sending more troops to Afghanistan. Speed wasn't the priority; getting the figures correct was. Like Bing Crosby used to say, "Don't let the stars get in your eyes."

GEORGIA STATE GOVERNMENT "estimates projects and revenues will decline." Best news in years. Most projects by government (all levels) have proven to be bottomless money holes with nobody profiting but politicians. If half of government disappeared tomorrow, we still would not have cut government back to where it should be.

CLIMATE GATE is upon us; the jig is up; the evidence is clear. All of the "environment/climate" stuff is a hoax and has been since the Henry Kissinger set started decades ago. And yet our elected politicians in D.C. do nothing. Where is Barrow? Where are the Georgia senators? And the South Carolina folks? Just hiding someplace hoping the crimes against all America that happened on their watch will quietly sneak away?

WHERE ARE THE news stories on the greatest science fraud ever -- man-made global warming? NASA won't release its raw data as required by law. New Zealand has fudged data, and the world's largest Climate Research Unit's data is full of fabricated data!

JUST A COMMENT: Just think about it, if you are 65 to 85 years old and you've been paying payroll taxes into the Medicare trust fund, the government is now going to take money out of a trust fund to set up a program for people who didn't buy insurance.

ANY POLITICOS who abstain from voting, miss meetings or vote only present are doing a disservice to those who elected them to office. They were elected to be the voice of the people and if for some reason they cannot or will not fulfill that trust, they should step down.

AS A DAILY crossword fan, thanks to whoever made it just a little harder to work. Makes those old minds exercise just a little harder.

OBAMA SAYS jobless "losses ... smallest" since the start of the recession. Is that clear? Does it mean anything in English? It means more people are out of work while it tries to sound like the opposite. Meanwhile, Obama says he will "grow jobs." Of course, people don't grow jobs. That's more politician English that's supposed to sound like something when it means nothing.

JOHNNY EDWARDS writes that Matt Aitkin has to show "his constituents he can do more for them than Betty Beard ever fathomed." The only thing political leaders have to show constituents is their ability to keep government off of people's backs. Few politicians do this nowadays.