Empty Stocking Fund donations

Previously acknowledged $47,881.27


Bob and Cindy Beattie $100

John Harpring, Jr. $25

In memory of Donnie and Leon Williams $25

Un "Jibaro" de Utuado Puerto Rico, Feliz Navidad $20

W. and P.L. Keith $15

In memory of Mamaw and Frank Frazier $50

In memory of Cora and Jess $50

McMichael Land and Timber $150

Anonymous $100

Anonymous $75

In Jesus Name $25

In loving memory of Emery Warner my husband, best friend and soulmate love Jackie Warner $50

James and Ann Benton $100

In loving memory of mother, Bettye Ella Valeria James Reid from her daughter $100

In memory of Dudley Bennett and Tracy Goodman $50

"In memory of Edie" from Hankie $20

Scott and Patricia Long $100

Phil and Cindy Levine $50

Laverne Grooms $100

Robert and Cynthia Rickman $25

Don and Jean Ruddy $200

In memory of Buster $50

Anonymous $50

Nat, Brennan and Christopher $100

John and Debra Paugh $100

In memory of Frank Kitchings $30

In memory of Mary and Lucius Johnson, Adolf Kobs, and Beth Beaver $30

In memory of Bob Richards By His family $50

Betty Alley $40

"In memory of departed Loved Ones" $40

Arthur and Vickie Goodwin $25

S.E. and William Corley $25

Anonymous $200

"In memory of Mary Ellen Bryan" $10

Charlie and Mae Crawford $25

In loving memory of Christa and Jerry Stevenson from their children $25

Anonymous $50

In memory of our Daughter Lynn from Ellen and Arlie Mansberger $200

John and Mildred Barber $250

In memory of Martha Shiveler $10

Marion and Darlene Myers $20

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willis $100

In honor of our grandchildren Heather, Ben and Kristine $150

In loving memory of Dora Villemain $50

In memory of Jack Jenkins $50

Robert and Jeri Heos $25

Anonymous $20

Elizabeth Lavender $25

Robert and Judy Crais $100

ABCD $20

In memory of Katie Ridmour $25

Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Read $10

Lily D'Souza $100

Billy Barrett $100

Carmel and Jaya Joseph $100

In honor of Trenton Wesley Ellis $20

In honor of Mallory, Mason, Cooper and Kailyn $20

Lisa Sanders $10

In memory of Lonnie and Evelyn Mallard $50

In honor of my granddaughter Mimi Sizemore from Grannie $100

William and Louise Ashby $50

Mac and Lynn Reeves $100

In honor of Lily, Lane and Gracie $500

Wilson and Donna Farr $650

Robert and Luana Grimley $50

Gayle and Hugh Davidson $25

Charles and Edna Pierce $50

Jessica and Alexander Osborne $15

Fred and Barbar Rucker $25

Deavidene Mays $20

In memory of my niece Jean McDonald Reed $5

In loving memory of my husband A.J. Lewis, and my dear son Ray Dixon $35

In memory of April Nichols, Mama, Daddy, Kyle, Allison, Jeff, Drayton and Sawyer $25

Chip and Paula Matson $50

In memory of Wally Blackwell from Jack Phillips $40

Robert Coleman $25

Gracie and Michael Joyce $25

The Dunbar's $25

In loving memory of Fred Kennedy, Jr. $25

Lida Rich $20

In memory of my darling $100

Jonathan and Lynn Latimer $25

Pat and Steve Hungerpiller $200

In memory of Nancy Story $25

In memory of my husband Ray Tuero and my sister Doris Kappes $25

Harry and Carolyn Elam $50

Howard and Klazina Broussard $50

Dashonna Moffatt $25

Donald and Janet Reynolds $100

Total today $6,195

Total this year $54,076.27