Rants and Raves

FINALLY, DEKE can be more than an overpaid ribbon cutter. District one voters broke the curse!


THE POST OFFICE delivers tons of junk mail that we don't want and can't block from receiving. All that paper -- all those dead trees. Let them go broke.

AT LEAST THREE commissioners had the good sense to vote against a resolution asking the legislative delegation to push for a vote on the MOST penny sales tax. I hope the legislative delegation will have enough sense to take no action. An 8 cent sales tax, with the possibility of another cent tax by the state pushing ours to 9 cents, will kill any growth in Richmond County. Consumers will do their shopping in neighboring counties.

LETTER SAYS "America's Pilgrims showed tolerance." Don't try to scam us. The Pilgrims did not "tolerate" sin, disgusting sexual practices, dope, etc. And if those Pilgrims truly believed in their God, they might have put up with people who didn't, but they could not have believed "their theology might contain errors." If you believe in a god who might be wrong, you don't believe in the only God, who created us all.

PHIL JONES, ONE of the world's top "climate scientists," quit his job at a British university because he got caught scamming the world about the phony "climate change." If the whole thing wasn't a hoax, he would never have resigned. Nowadays, the title "scientist" is no more trusted than that of politician.

SANDRA WIMBERLY, "health educator," wants the "stigma" against AIDS patients to stop. Will somebody please tell Ms. Wimberly that for centuries stigmas worked to keep all kinds of crimes and diseases at controllable levels? By not stigmatizing, we only encourage the problems we pretend to fix.

THIS IS A TIP to anyone who has an auto accident. Before moving your vehicle from the roadway you should take a picture of the location of your vehicle. If not you could be in trouble. The situation can change after you leave the scene. Been there ... been through that.

THE LOW-LIFE thieves have begun their Christmas shopping. My home was burglarized a few days before Thanksgiving. It's a foreign concept for these types to actually work for something in their lives. They would rather steal from people who do work for what they have. Really can't expect anything more from human trash. Your day will come.

I KEEP HEARING that some commissioners think the city should not support outside agencies. Am I the only person who sees that cultural institutions like museums, ballets, the symphony and opera only add to the value of a city? Why would tourists visit a downtown with only strip bars, pawn shops and boarded-up buildings?