Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


THE COMMISSIONERS want another penny sales tax. They're mismanaging the funds they already have, yet they want more to spend on their special little projects. They need to shut down all these projects and use the funds they have to maintain services. The state is also talking about a penny increase in sales tax.

TO THE PERSON that wrote of a spoiled dog. Well, his name was UGA VII, and he was a symbol of the biggest school in the state of Georgia. Obviously you have no understanding of what it means to love an animal, your own or otherwise.

THIS IS FOR Fort Gordon. It would be a lot easier to make the turn off Lane Avenue onto 27th Street if the folks moving the orange barricades after morning PT would actually make an effort to get them out of the road. I know it's out of the question to expect them to be put completely out of the road and up on the curb, but if they could at least get them close to the curb that would be swell.

TO THE CONSTRUCTION worker that's worked for the same company for four years without a raise, go join a labor union and you will see a difference. When you join, you will have someone telling you not only when and where you will work but also "if" you will work. Don't cross him or say no to anything or you get the proverbial blackball. But whether you work or not, you still have dues to come up with. Been there, bought and wore the T-shirt.

ATLANTA HAS a Spaghetti Junction and a Malfunction Junction. I reckon Augusta's Interstate 20-Bobby Jones interchange can be called Macaroni Junction.

AS AN AUGUSTA resident for over 30 years, I believe the city should start fixing the things that are falling apart before worrying about TEE centers and trolley systems.

I WOULD LIKE to know why water runs constantly in the winter months on Belair Road at Wrightsboro Road but never in the spring or summer. In the winter the water freezes and creates a hazard to those who travel that way, not to mention the increased water bill for taxpayers. Maybe this is an issue the city can reasonably discuss before someone gets injured.

HEADLINE: "Leaders say momentum building on climate change." This despite the leak of thousands of stat-rigging e-mails written by climate "scientists." Thus, any "leader" who takes even a single step toward any kind of climate agreement is a bona fide criminal, corrupt in every way.

RAVER WRITES THAT Oprah "has done more good with her fame and money than any other." If dragging abnormal behavior onto television and acting like it's normal is "good," maybe. If aberrant behavior is bad, then the raver has been taken.