Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


RANT TO THE Augusta commissioners. Stop all this expensive travel. What part of gotomeeting.com do you not understand?

IS IT FAIR to be employed by a local construction company for four years without a raise? They are making all the money while the employees are starving!

SHOULDN'T SOMETHING like health care reform, which concerns so many in this country, be voted on by the people, rather than a bunch of politicians flexing their egos? Also, why does it take a confusing 2,000-page bill? If it's for the people, shouldn't it be simple enough for the man on the street to understand?

ATTENTION OBAMA VOTERS. If this health care bill passes, your life is going to be controlled like you could never imagine. The economy is going to be hurt even more. Let your representative hear from you on Thanksgiving break. Let's see if they fear Obama or fear the wrath of their constituents.

TO THOSE WHO see the changing political climate in this city as a call to service, I applaud you! We sure can use the help. To our seasoned leaders, be ready to mentor and coach.

FORT HOOD is filled with trained gunmen, yet the guards there were apparently all civilian cops. Now a suspicious package is discovered at Fort Benning, so who does the soldier who found it call? The MPs? Of course not! He called 911. Are all of America's military bases now guarded by nonmilitary?

A BIG RANT to all those who are working but won't give anything to any charity. I don't make much money at my job, but I realize there are people in much worse shape than I am. As long as I'm working, I will give to the less fortunate. It may not be a lot, but every little bit helps.

I CAN HARDLY WAIT to hear how the scandalous Mark Sanford will justify all those high-priced flights as "minor, technical errors." Was his affair with his soulmate while married to his wife also a "minor, technical error"?

A RAVE, PLEASE, to the couple who gave me their puppy almost two years ago at Walmart on Bobby Jones Expressway. You came as angels and blessed me with this little black puppy and said, "Take her please; she is free. We can't keep her because we are in an apartment and she will be too big." My family and I love her, and she is about 6 feet tall when she stands on her hind legs, beautiful, well behaved and very protective. I want you to know she is well cared for, and she is very happy.