Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


HEALTH CARE BILL not supported by majority of citizens as polls have indicated. Why are the Senate and House of Representatives wasting time working on a health plan not supported by the public. Simply put, they are not listening to the people they're supposed to represent.

HEADLINE: "Winfrey to announce end of TV talk show." It's about time!

THE NEWSPAPER'S POLICY says thugs must be called "Mr.," but every day good guys are just called Smith or Jones. For example, two previously convicted goons are accused of an awful home invasion, but they are labeled "Mr." Murray and "Mr." Glenn. This is political correctness gone far overboard. It's a sickening "policy."

HEADLINE: "Financial adviser urges decision" to go ahead and borrow big "TEE center" bucks because interest rates are down some. Why borrow for something that's not absolutely essential, especially when everybody, including governments, is worse than broke, i.e., in the hole?

I LOVE this time of the year. Augusta is beautiful. It seems the ribbons on the wreaths have been in storage for a long time. I know it is expensive, but let's buy new ones next year. I remember when we had strings of lights back and forth across the street.

YOUR NOV. 20 EDITORIAL CARTOON jumps on "Wall Street," as do all media nowadays. There are definitely crooks on Wall Street, but every person who owns even one share of stock bought through the New York Stock Exchange also is part of Wall Street, and that includes a whole lot of Americans who are retired or who are saving up for retirement. Don't attack the whole army, just some corrupt generals.

IS ANYONE really surprised that a government health care task force would suggest women wait until after age 50 to start having annual mammograms? It is just a foretaste of rationed and delayed treatments under Obama/Pelosi Care.

OVERPAID RICHMOND SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT wants to raise the school dropout age. It could help, but it won't. What we need are parents who have the common sense to rear their kids right. And that's not happening. And as long as political correctness rules over common sense, it never will.

HAVE UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA FANS turned into pigs? From the garbage dump, quadrangle photo on your sports page, it appears so. Why doesn't the university just send in the cops to arrest every single pig who litters at ball games?

IF THERE'S water on the moon, why is there no life there?