Rants and raves

AS A TEACHER HERE in Richmond County I have informed my husband, children, family and friends that this year for Christmas they are to forgo the usual presents for me. Instead I am asking them to buy me copy paper, toner, ink cartridges, chart paper, pencils, erasers and other school supplies that I cannot afford to buy for my class and the county cannot afford to buy. Merry Christmas, everyone.


I CAN SEE IT NOW, Sarah Palin running for president. Maybe she could have Dick Cheney's daughter to be vice president. Really doesn't matter; the Republican Party is finished.

A RANT TO THE KILLERS at Westside High School for killing a nonpoisonous snake. The snake was only looking for a place to stay. Once the snake was out of the classroom, why kill it?

GEORGIA ETHICS PANEL for school test-tampering says charges are routine. To even require something like an ethics panel is a sign that things are terribly wrong, when public schoolteachers, who are first and foremost supposed to be examples of honesty to kids, cannot be trusted. And even the panel speaks with purposeful vagueness when it uses terms like "intentional" cheating. What other kind of cheating is there but "intentional"? An "unusually high number of wrong answers were erased" and changed to correct, yet the state director for "educator ethics" says "most of them are not deliberate cheating cases"?

TO ALL OF YOU who are so anxious for the government to be in charge of our health care, I refer you to the recent government task force recommendations on mammograms and breast exams, which recommended that mammograms be delayed until after age 50 and self-examinations be eliminated. Welcome to the world of government-run health care.

ENOUGH ABOUT the person that referred to the old fogies not paying their own way. Let's talk about the person who is really against Social Security and the senior citizens, our President Obama, who didn't give us a raise this coming year.

BIG RAVE FOR ALL the seniors' responses to the person who ranted about Social Security and Medicare. The person is probably upset that his grandparents will not give him any more money so he can do nothing and decide not to work to earn Social Security and Medicare.

THIS IS IN REGARD to the Board of Education wanting to take minifridges away from teachers. Next thing you know they will be getting rid of all the actual teachers, and the kids will all just get their lectures from the same few people over a television screen.