Thurmond Lake above full pool

Thurmond Lake rose past its full pool during the weekend and peaked at 332.5 feet above sea level but fell short of projections made last week by the Army Corps of Engineers.


"It looks like we didn't go past 332.5, and that was reached at 8 a.m. on Saturday, and then it began declining a little bit after that," corps spokesman Billy Birdwell said Monday.

The lake's full pool is 330 feet above sea level, but runoff from recent heavy rains, coupled with a decision to hold more water in the reservoir to reduce flood risks downstream, spawned projections that the lake could rise above 334.

By late Monday afternoon the level had stabilized at 331.55, and it is expected to fall slowly during the next few weeks to about 326 -- a level needed to accommodate construction work on the dam's spillway gates.

Releases through the dam into the Savannah River gradually are being accelerated to draw the lake down. Sunday's discharge rate, Mr. Birdwell said, was 23,900 cubic feet per second, or almost three times the average flow.

Property owners at the lake remain under an advisory to secure and examine their docks and to be wary of faster, higher water downstream.

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