Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


I CAN'T UNDERSTAND how anybody can make a comment raving about Obama cutting Medicare. First of all, I've worked all my life, and I have paid my bills; I have paid my taxes; I have paid my Social Security; and now that I can't work anymore and I have to live on Social Security, it just tears me up inside to think that some person thinks that I have money stuffed in a mattress.

THIS IS IN RESPONSE to the rave that was in the paper concerning cutting Medicare. To the idiot that said the old fogies have been living off the system too long and now we needed to get off of our duffs and go pull the money out of the mattresses: We paid for Medicare. We still pay for Medicare. He probably doesn't even have a job period, so he can't look at his check stub and see where you get so much taken out of your salary from the time you go to work.

THIS IS A RANT to the person referring to the old fogies getting their free way for so long. Those people you are referring to are our grandmothers and grandfathers. They've worked their whole lives to earn what little bit of health care they get. Obviously you know nothing about working your whole life and paying taxes.

WITH ALL WE NEED in Richmond County, we keep getting these idiots coming up with things. Now they want a parkway from Blythe to Augusta. Who on this planet do you know that would walk or ride a bicycle from Blythe to Augusta? That is a joke.

NORTH AUGUSTA would have done themselves well to elect Andy Cheek when they had the opportunity. Augusta is a lot worse off without Andy. At least he tells the truth.

I WOULD LIKE to say thanks to Applebee's for what it did on Veterans Day. I am a regular there, and there were a lot of new faces. Support the area, and maybe more will come. Don't just come out when it's free.

THIS IS A RANT for Calvin Holland. Why are you wasting Augusta/Richmond County funds ($2,200) to attend the four-day National League of Cities Conference in San Antonio when you have only seven weeks left in office? This is just another example of why we are in the red for this city. We need responsible leaders representing our city government.

THANK GOODNESS our commissioners were able to go to San Antonio so that they can spend even more of the money this county so desperately needs. School nurses are being cut back; teachers are being furloughed; school bus drivers are having to bite the bullet; but we surely don't want the people who control these funds to cut back on their own little perks. That would be crazy, wouldn't it?