Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


A COMMENT TO Mr. Fennoy. He lost my vote by calling my phone number and soliciting a vote last Saturday during the Georgia football game.

THIS IS FOR THE lady's house at Aumond Place off of Walton Way where my kids went trick or treating on Oct. 31. She would not give them any candy because they did not have a costume. Maybe she should think that sometimes some parents cannot afford to buy a costume, and this was the case with me and my three kids. I think it was very rude.

A HUGE RANT FOR Brandon Spikes of the Florida Gators. They deserved to win the game, but he should be suspended indefinitely as a football player, period.

THIS IS A RANT against Mr. Lindsey Graham, our senator from the state of South Carolina. If you want to be a Democrat, go be one. You will not be getting my vote in the next election.

TO THE WRITER of the letter to the editor Nov. 5, Gil Ward, I applaud you. Right on the money. You told the truth about homosexuality. I agreed with every word you wrote.

TO THE PERSON IN the small blue car that bumped into the rear end of me on Bel Air Road close to Cox Road: I know that traffic was bad and that we couldn't go nowhere, but I pulled into the filling station. Why didn't you pull in behind me instead of taking off like a bat out of hell?

WHAT MAKES SENSE to me sometimes is people do stupid things. Highway cleanup, sure, it needs to be done because people are too lazy to pick up after themselves. If everybody would clean up after themselves, we wouldn't need highway cleanup. Stop cigarette butts and trash out the window. Keep a bag in your car and put your trash in that bag.

RANT FROM North Augusta. More traffic comes in the entrance of Pisgah Road in one day than goes in Hammond's Ferry in a month. The streets in Hammond's Ferry don't have any gravel or debris on them, but Pisgah Road does.

WE AND OUR allies won World War II because all the people joined the fight against the enemy. We have not won any wars since because now you are a Republican or you are nothing, or you are a Democrat or you are nothing. I'm so glad that Americans were different back then.

BEING A WHITE Harrisburger of the '50s and '60s, Fennoy needs to be run out of town. He's the biggest racist I've ever seen. This is 2009. Get a clue.