Toilet paper tube inspires award-winning hairdo

A large cardboard tube from a roll of toilet paper is rarely considered a tool of the cosmetic trade, but it's just what cosmetology student Angela Turner needed to produce an award-winning hairstyle.


Ms. Turner recently won the South Carolina Association of Cosmetology School's Ladies Avant Garde title for a "top hat" look, a bright pink and dark-topped hair creation, finished with harlequin makeup of feathered eyelashes and glittered lips.

"It's amazing that a toilet paper roll could inspire such as piece of art," she said.

She's set to graduate in December from Kenneth Shuler Schools of Cosmetology in North Augusta and is an apprentice at Edge Salon and Spa in Hammond's Ferry in North Augusta.

Ms. Turner decided to pursue a new career at age 44.

She had worked 15 years in Aiken County Public Schools in a variety of jobs, including computer lab proctor and librarian aide. But after being bounced around to different schools, she was ready to take life into her own hands.

"To choose my own destiny, to know where I'm going to be, that's what motivated me," Ms. Turner said.

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