Rants and Raves

AFTER MORE THAN a month of multiple daily articles, interviews and pictures about breast cancer, a ranter wrote last week that it "sure would have been nice if the cause could have gotten some support from the paper." You even printed an entire edition in pink, which I could not read. Please don't ever do that again. Either this ranter is not a newspaper subscriber, is functionally illiterate or this was supposed to be some kind of joke about overkill. What is so funny about cancer?


APPARENTLY, THE Richmond County school system does not know how to "communicate." Otherwise, why would it spend on an outside firm for advice? Here's all the info the school leaders need: To communicate with parents, send a note home with the student and occasionally use that thing called a telephone. Now! See how easy. You just saved taxpayers $120,000.

WHY ARE WE starting to see so many ads, signs, etc. in Spanish? I even see ads requiring bilingual employees. Is this not America? Let's make English our official language. I've stopped dining where the menus are in Spanish and make it a point to tell them why I am leaving.

RAVES TO THE Augusta Sports Council and the many volunteers who helped make the second annual Augusta Half Marathon such a wonderful event. We thoroughly enjoyed the run and look forward to next year.

WE AMERICANS need to start a movement to vote all politicians out of office and start fresh. We may lose 1 or 2 percent decent ones, but it would be worth it to lose the other 98 percent. Since they won't pass a bill with term limits, this is the only way to get rid of these career politicians.

HAS ANYONE ever thought about how great it would be, not only for Augusta, but for the state of Georgia to have an interstate from Augusta to Macon to Columbus? It's the one road missing from the interstate system in Georgia. That would be a major improvement for the state.

RAVES TO WESTOBOU, Arts in the Heart and the latest partial marathon events. I attended the Arts in the Heart and Westobou, rain or shine. I sure hope downtown will host more such events.

A HUGE RAVE to the construction workers at MCG who were wearing pink breast cancer awareness T-shirts. Good job. Only a man who is secure in his manhood can be bold enough to wear a pink shirt.

THIS IS A RANT about food stamps. My wife and I are in our 70s. Our only income is Social Security. We pay rent, car payment, electricity, etc., but we do not have the Internet or a computer. I applied for food stamps the other day, and they told me I would receive about $14 a month. So I said goodbye and walked out.