Rants and raves

HOW CAN OBAMA be hurting your wallets if you claim he hasn't done anything since he's been president? Make up your mind and quit making up reasons to hate him. This is getting really annoying.


RANT TO THE POOR soul that attacks Fox News for consistently revealing what Obama and his organization have in mind for this great nation. Obama and his minions have one major goal in mind and that is ensure that our Constitution is bypassed and that their government is in full control in every aspect.

DO THE LIBERALS whining about Fox News want us to believe that CNN is not biased?

IF THE DEMOCRATS are going to fix health care the same way they fixed oil prices, we are in deep trouble. Remember, oil was selling at $26 a barrel when the Democrats took control of Congress in January 2007.

HEADLINE: "OBAMA warns more will lose jobs amid recovery." "Recovery" means gain, not loss. It doesn't mean people lose jobs; it means people get jobs. Obama keeps using words to mean their opposites.

THE NEWS SAYS that to outfit one American soldier in Afghanistan costs taxpayers about a half million dollars. There's no way that can make any sense. Who does that accounting? One of Obama's Chicago goons?

I SEE THAT WOODY MERRY is ranting and raving again, and he leaves out the fact that he seemed to have fleeced many people out of a lot of money years ago in order to bring Continental Airlines here. Then they left a year later.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Woody Merry. Keep it up, my brother.

TO THE GUY that ranted about nobody buying tickets to the Lynyrd Skynyrd concert: Most people aren't buying them because they are $55. I can't afford that, and most of us can't. Tickets are higher at the James Brown Arena than they are anywhere.

THIS IS A RANT for Richmond County. I think it should be mandatory to recycle regardless of whether people want to save the Earth or not. Even if recycling isn't mandatory, we only need garbage pickup every two weeks or every month because there's no way to fill up the cans that much.