Railroad line work to close streets

Work on a railroad line has prompted closure of many area streets, and more are on the way.


"This is just routine maintenance work on the tracks from Augusta almost to McCormick (S.C.)," CSX Railroad spokesman Gary Sease said.

Area roads currently closed near the railroad crossings include 11th Street, Goodrich Street and Claussen Road in Augusta; and Iron & Steel Drive in Martinez.

"They're usually in and out of there in a couple of days," Augusta traffic engineer Steve Cassell said.

Roads that will be closed in coming weeks as the work progresses are Stevens Creek, Pleasant Home, Old Evans, Evans to Locks and Hardy McManus roads, said Ray Porter, a project manager for Benchmark Consulting Inc., which is contracted by CSX Railroad to coordinate repair efforts with local governments.

Mr. Porter said he is unsure when those roads will be closed but expects it to occur in the next few weeks. Work has concluded on Eisenhower and Alexander drives, he said.

Mr. Cassell said area residents typically understand the need for the railway maintenance.

"When we've allowed them to close the roads, we haven't gotten any complaints that I'm aware of," he said.

Also, the ongoing work at the railroad crossings comes with an added benefit," Mr. Sease said.

"While we're in the area, we're going ahead and recondition the crossings," he said. "For a little bit of inconvenience, you got a long-term, nice, smooth crossing for motorists to use."

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ROADS CLOSED AT RAILROAD CROSSINGS: 11th Street, Goodrich Street, Claussen Road, Iron & Steel Drive

UPCOMING CLOSURES: Stevens Creek Road, Pleasant Home Road, Old Evans Road, Evans to Locks Road, Hardy McManus Road