Rants and raves

Comments from our readers:


LYING HEADLINE: "Economy grows by 3.5%." Since the only thing that grew was government, which is not private, the private sector didn't grow.

OF THE FOUR District 1 commission candidates, one wants to bring his religion into politics; another wants to be nice and hold town meetings. That leaves "Fists" Fennoy and "Shotgun" Palmer, both of whom are ... tough enough for the job. Mr. Fennoy has political connections in Augusta-Richmond County. That's why I intend to vote for Mr. Palmer.

A RAVE TO the band KISS for showing its support and appreciation to our troops at the VA medical center. I hope now that those that see them as a negative example will realize that they are not such bad people. They are the greatest band in the world.

I THINK WOODY MERRY is doing a wonderful job. ... I say Woody Merry for mayor. This is the type of leadership we need. All the individuals that attempt to run for commission or any other leadership in our government ... once they lose, you never hear anything else from them until it's time to run again.

LOOK, PEOPLE, get over people smoking. We are going to keep smoking, and nobody's going to stop us. You raised the taxes, and we still smoke. Just get over it and find something else to talk about.

NEWCOMERS TO Augusta: This is where the morons, bigots and ignoramuses meet daily. Most of us living around here are not like them. It goes without saying that we don't agree with the editors of this fishwrapper/rag.

I'D LIKE TO SEND a huge rave to the citizen fed up with kids that can't behave. But in my opinion we should give them a task that will help the whole community, like letting them clean our streets and help feed the needy.

A STANDING OVATION to the Celtic Woman show at the Bell Auditorium. It is probably by far the most beautiful show touring today, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. These shows will bring the patrons back to the auditoriums.

I SINCERELY HOPE that the management of the new library downtown will purchase a dozen decks of playing cards. This would then eliminate the dozen individuals who are always tying up the Internet-accessible computers playing solitaire.