Teensy, tiny dance stars

If you've ever watched the popular TV show Dancing With the Stars you might have noticed dancers come in all shapes and sizes.

Debbie Dye at Augusta Youth School of Dance specializes in teaching the tiniest of dancers. Her students can be as young as 2 1/2.

"It's the perfect age to establish basic dance principles," she said. "They're so loving and so willing at that age. It's just fun to teach and mold and see what you can do with a child at that age. It's rewarding."

Ms. Dye has been teaching preschoolers since the 1970s, when she would travel to various area nursery schools and give dance lessons. Later she established her own studio, The Augusta Youth School of Dance.

"Preschoolers, their little minds go a mile a minute and their attention span is a mile a minute, and you've got to be prepared to move as fast as their minds. You have to move like that in order to hold their attention."