Rants and Raves

Comments from our readers:


GEORGIA STATE GOVERNMENT is saying that there is a "huge gap in the state's budget left by sagging tax collections" and that gap is getting filled up by federal "stimulus" money. Well, what's one more lie from government? If there's a "gap" in the state's budget, it's caused by state politicians not cutting spending when they know there is no money to spend. Among other buzzwords, always watch out for "community development." It sounds so darned wonderful, when all it is is a hot air way for politicians to help their buddies who get overpriced government contracts to repave streets that don't need repaving.

RANT: I GUESS ONLY select people can rant. I sent one in last night and it is nowhere to be found. Maybe I should subscribe to a different paper.

WITH SO MANY LIES being thrown around all over the place, how does one know whom to trust? A good rule of thumb is to be leery of anybody named Dot Gov.

I HAVE JUST BEEN informed that my appointment for a regular flu shot has been cancelled due to a lack of vaccine. Also, the government promised that we would have plenty of vaccine available by mid-October for swine flu and that has turned into a disaster. It should be noted that this is a sign of things to come if the government runs our health care system.

THE AUGUSTA-RICHMOND County $8.6 million deficit would be quickly reduced if traffic cameras were installed to catch the enormous number of people who run red lights. The Walton Way, Wheeler Road and Augusta Exchange areas are particularly bad. Are these people too important to follow traffic laws?

A RAVE FOR Eagle Paint & Body in Grovetown. Fast and professional service and friendly employees.

IT'S GREAT THAT so much has been done to improve awareness and treatment of breast cancer. Now it's time to give as much of the same intensity to other cancers and health conditions so that we all can be well.

I SAY IF Teresa Smith wants her job back, let her have it so she can finish the jobs she screwed up so badly, like the 400 block of Warren Road. We were promised by our commissioner and head of engineering that it would be included in 2010 SPLOST.

RAVES TO THE PAPER re: the "global warming science" is "unsettled." Actually, it is settled, of course since Americans know when they need to wear an extra sweater or to leave off the sweater. Nowadays, we're wearing the extra sweater, thus "global warming" is clearly a lie.