Across South Carolina

Schools superintendent says she will turn down her bonus


BEAUFORT, S.C. --- Beaufort County schools Superintendent Valerie Truesdale says she will refuse any bonus she might be awarded by her local board for boosting student achievement and meeting other goals.

Ms. Truesdale she doesn't think bonuses are appropriate. She said money is tight and it would be unreasonable for her to gain from the collective efforts of the district.

The board met Saturday to evaluate Ms. Truesdale's performance during the 2008-09 school year and determine whether she should receive the annual performance-based bonus listed in her contract. Ms. Truesdale received a $17,500 bonus last year.

DNA evidence to be presented in trial of news anchor's killer

LITTLE ROCK, ARK. --- Popular television personality Anne Pressly never regained consciousness after she was found in her bed, brutally beaten by an intruder. Now, Arkansas prosecutors hope DNA evidence will do the talking for her.

Prosecutors plan to use DNA collected at Ms. Pressly's home in addition to taped confessions from Curtis Lavelle Vance to try to convict him in the attack on Ms. Pressly, a Greenville, S.C., native. Mr. Vance's trial on capital murder, rape and burglary charges is to begin today in Little Rock.

Police said Mr. Vance picked Ms. Pressly's house at random on Oct. 20, 2008, and left her gravely injured after she fought back when he raped her. She died five days later without regaining consciousness.